fun with fabric markers

I’ve been wanting to post about this for awhile but I made one of these canvas totes for my mom’s birthday and since she’s a regular on here (thanks Cyn) I had to wait until her tote was safely delivered.

With that said, about a month ago I played around drawing flowers with fabric markers. I started on an old pillow case with a dark purple fabric marker:

pillow case with fabric marker

And then I bought these canvas totes through an online wholesaler. They were pretty cheap so they look a little frumpy after washing, but I still like them. I set the colors in a vinegar bath before washing to make sure the colors don’t run or fade.

So far the dandelion design has been the favorite among my friends. I also think the color scheme of blues, purples and grays also looks pretty sharp.

I’m excited about experimenting with more designs, tote weights and other possibilities for the fabric markers. Any suggestions? I have a boring white lamp shade that I might jazz up – what else?

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