Succulent Sunday {turquoise pottery}

Earlier this summer I took a four-week pottery wheel class at MIY Ceramics. If I had to choose between the two: I prefer hand-building to working on the wheel. But, other than mopping the floors, there’s not much about making pottery that I don’t enjoy – I love it all.

Here’s one of my first solo attempts at making a bowl on the wheel. I have a pension for the eccentric, so I don’t so much mind the wonky shapes I often form.

Succulent Sunday Ceramics - Mere Makes a Mess

This bowl was a flop, the lip was heavier than its walls so it plopped its fat lips down on the bat (which is the board where clay is placed on the pottery wheel ).

The teacher used the bowl as an example of what not to do (most likely being rushed and careless). But, given my pension for hoarding and repurposing, it takes more than a wonky shape to make me abandon my work.

And so I hung it upside down for the remainder of class that day and my friend gravity pulled the heavy lips down, bringing it back to a vessel shape. Here it was drying upside down on the bat: SucculentSunday_pottery_turquoise_July2014_5

I really like the turquoise glaze on it but it’s not food safe so I’ve planted some sweet succulents in it.


I had a girlfriend visiting this weekend and we filled our days with painting, dancing, cooking and running. Plus, we hit up the liquidation sale at Pearl Arts & Supplies – twice! So, back to creating…

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, as well.

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4 thoughts on “Succulent Sunday {turquoise pottery}

  1. Couldn’t agree more with Marisol!

  2. Marisol Gaffney on said:

    It is beautiful Meredith! I your pluck and perseverance!

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