Bleeding Peonies {July 17} in watercolors

My crafting mentor, who’s a good friend with an arts background, has been encouraging me to frame my work. I approached the idea with resistance, as I often do his suggestions that push me. I felt like I wanted to focus on creating art – first – and then someday I could always frame them if I feel like it.

But I found a few frames at a garage sale the other day and figured it wouldn’t hurt to have them around. Looking at the growing pile of paintings on the floor I began cutting some up and placing them in random frames. And, I kind of started liking the way they looked. Graduating them from pages pulled from a spiral, it made them feel more finished, more refined, more like art – like, real art or works of art.

This one, “Bleeding Peonies,” had curled from working the paper too much (probably not heavy enough for the amount of water and pigment I was using) and not taping it. I’ve since then learned about and adopted some methods for preventing this. Bleeding Peonies [July 2014 - by Meredith Clements] in watercolor

So I plopped the rippled piece into one of the frames I’d picked up from the yard sale. And I was surprised – it added a whole new dimension to a piece I thought had no room for growth (by that I mean, a finished piece). Bleeding Peonies [by Meredith Clements | July 2014] in watercolor

The only issue with framing is that I’m still learning how to photograph without getting major reflections in the glass. But, like most things, I know it will improve with time and practice.

With that being said, while trying to find better lighting/background to photograph it I got some intense Floridian reflections and liked the whole composition of this shot:Bleeding Peonies framed [Meredith Clements - 2014] watercolor

Then again, art – for me – is a series of accidents (sometimes happy accidents or just learning lessons), so I don’t know why I’m acting all that surprised. If anyone has any suggestions about framing and/or photographing framed work, I’d love any insight – thanks!


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