Colores { July 12 } in acrylics

Last Wednesday we published the annual Arts Issue at work. So I spent the week running around documenting the local arts scene in Broward and Palm Beach counties. I visited the Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale three times in three days – twice on Saturday.

The first Saturday visit was with a friend and after I dropped him at the train station I went straight to the art supplies store – Dick Blick was having a sale on their brand of paints so I picked up six small bottles of their matte acrylic paint. I wasn’t sure what matte would produce but at $1.04 a piece, they were worth a try. I went home and played with them on an old piece of plywood (because canvas is expensive and I wanted to work big).

I started with this base layer and found the matte to require a few layers (but maybe it was the wood that sucked up the paint):

Colores | Mere Makes a Mess | Acrylics July 2014

Well, time and paint flew at an alarming rate – as it often does when I get into my zone – and at 8 p.m. I realized I was really late for The Miami Generation Revisited exhibition opening event.

Colores | Mere Makes a Mess | Acrylics July 2014Being that it was a Miami-focused event I figured that my Latin-timing arrival couldn’t be too shunned. So I threw on some clothes and rolled into the event – apparently with paint in my hair, because halfway through the exhibit someone pointed out the paint splattered on my top. Oh well (I secretly liked it, not even bothering to cover it up).

Colores | Mere Makes a Mess | Acrylics July 2014

Here’s what I made, it’s 26 inches by 18 inches:

Colores | Mere Makes a Mess | Acrylics July 2014

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8 thoughts on “Colores { July 12 } in acrylics

  1. eugenia cass on said:

    I need one of these pieces in my home! So natural and beautiful, just like you 🙂 I love the bright colors – they radiate happiness

    • You got it, girlfriend! I’d love for y’all to have a piece in your beautiful home. Thanks so much for the kind feedback, it makes me so happy to know they bring you happiness! Love love love you mucho, M

  2. Anne T. on said:

    So resourceful. What a great idea! Love it.

  3. Carla Lind on said:

    LOVE IT! I see a Mere exhibition of all your various works. Better yet, a book mixing your writing with photos of your art and your photos of the world.  I want to order 10 copies so let me know when they are published. xo c


    • Haha, stopppp it…’re making me blush! Hopefully the posts aren’t inundating anyone – but I think I’m finally letting go of the fear that’s held me back and just rolling with it! Your support and encouragement means the world to me – thank you for coming along my little journey! Love you so much, M

  4. cyne9 on said:

    Sale paint on plywood can become that?!

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