skyline {July 8} in watercolors

I’ve had five consecutive, beautiful nights of playing with painting. I love seeing people’s creative processes, so I’m going to take a stab at sharing. This is a watercolor piece I quickly did after returning from dinner in Miami. The drive was an unexpected inspiration:

It was late, far passed any sort of reasonable bedtime, but still, I let myself play with watercolors before crawling into bed. As my friend said, “Do it, 30 minutes of lost sleep is worth the calm and joy you get out of it. Paint.” And so I did:

Currently listening to: “Hey Life” by Tune-Yards. [It’s funny, I have been listening to this song for a couple days now and found this video to share the song on here and it feels even more apropos that it’s a live recording of the artists behind this gem of a song. Anyone else like this jam?]

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4 thoughts on “skyline {July 8} in watercolors

  1. Carla Lind on said:

    You keep amazing me. When did you learn to paint with watercolors?  What next! You are good at all medium and fearless. Good on ‘ya. Really good. Keep at it. xo c


    • CoCo Hohman on said:

      30 minutes a day… Paint. Best advice. xxoo

      • And amen Coco! Never thought of it that way…but YES – that is pretty darn good advice. Coco and Carla – the two female artists who have inspired me the most – what a treat to share these processes with you, thank you for the feedback. Much love, M

    • Thank you dear Carla! What an honor it is to hear that from you. The truth is…I never learned to paint with watercolors, but the medium fascinates me and so I keep going. Even if it’s just thirty minutes a day – it’s usually the happiest thirty minutes of my day. Love you loads…xx

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