creating a new ‘happy place’ at the Peace Nest

My passion for “borrowing” nature and other found objects can be traced back to one person in my life: My father.

Just the other day, my sister Marley reminded me of when dad used to fill our kayaks by “borrowing” nice rocks from the creek. As scrawny kids, the two of us would often come home weighed down by the nature in our pockets.

So it didn’t take too much persuasion to get him out in the ‘hood when my parents were visiting last week. I had spotted a promising curbside pile of logs. Early one morning before work we set out on our mission – look at the pride on his face, like a kid who just got a new toy! MM-happy-place-log-borrowing

We loosely discussed utilizing an unused area in my front yard: MM-happy-place-before

So this weekend I got to work. I initially laid it out with an old shower curtain as the “floor.”


But then I remembered I’d been hoarding er, collecting some old IKEA wooden bed slats which I put to use. The rest of the furniture is a random mix of found and repurposed pieces and an old camping chair I had in my trunk.

I drilled into the palm tree trunks and stuck in solar light stakes. Arranged in a line they bring more purpose to the space, lining an entryway and creating a cozy boundary: MM-happy-place-logs

What developed has been collectively dubbed as my “happy place” – an area where I can decompress, read a book, listen to music on bluetooth speakers, paint the sunset or watch the sunset with friends.

Mere Makes a Nest - Happy Place

I’ve always found it rewarding to create a new space in an area that would’ve gone unused (like a treehouse). These snapshots are the earliest versions of the area, but I’m excited to see where it leads. I think the white lights (that I picked up for $1 from a yard sale) really give it a festive touch.

Maybe the next addition will be a hammock? Yeah, I think the Peace Nest needs a hammock.

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One thought on “creating a new ‘happy place’ at the Peace Nest

  1. I love it Meredith! You have a gift for transforming spaces into magical rooms.

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