DIY repurposing at home ~ green decor

repurposing pallets (and other found objects) at the Peace Nest

Last October I found an apartment – when I wasn’t looking – two blocks from where I was living. The ‘For Rent’ signed described it as a “garden apartment.” I called on a Thursday, walked it on Friday, signed the lease on Monday and moved the following Saturday. I didn’t know a lot about the new space, but I knew it was larger, had more natural light and character than the one-bedroom apartment I currently was in. Oh, and it had a patio, garden space and a walk-in closet – sold!

The Friday night before moving day – when I should’ve been home packing – I went to a colleague’s going away party. But it proved fruitful in that a coworker was there with a vehicle large enough to help me “borrow” some pallets from the alley behind the bar. Thus began my new hobby: furnishing the new crib solely with found objects. Not really for any reasons other than I’m a journalist, therefore on a limited budget, and because I like a good challenge (these kind, anyway).

So the first objects moved into my new spot were the old pallets:

Peace Nest ~ BEFORE: living room

The rest of the moving took place over the next two days. Saturday my best friend Kara and her generous boyfriend Earl (with his pickup trip) helped load up my old, unpacked apartment in dozens of sweaty loads. Sunday my brother, also named Earl (ironically), drove his vintage station wagon down from Orlando and patiently loaded the rest of my belongings and helped me get set up at the new place.

Peace Nest ~ BEFORE: studio/office space Peace Nest ~ BEFORE: dining nook

During the move, I remember sweet Kara looking at me, drenched in sweat, saying “Mere, let’s leave the sticks behind, there will be twigs at your new place.” I fought back saying, ‘I’ve been saving them to hang curtains and next time she and Earl come over for a dinner party that they can proudly point out their contribution to my eclectic home decor.’ She obliged and loaded my sticks – what a friend!

Six months later and I feel pretty settled in my new home, which I’ve dubbed the Peace Nest. And sure enough, those wonky old pallets and twigs (and more found along the way) fit in quite well.

In honor of Earth Day at work we published our annual Green Issue today – so I did a feature on decorating with my repurposed goods: DIY repurposing at home ~ green decor

Here are more of the images taken by photographer Kara Starzyk:

DIY repurposing at home ~ green pallet furtniture decor

Sticks used as hooks to organize my handbags.

DIY repurposing at home ~ green pallet furtniture decor

Floating wall shelf made from a pallet organizes all my paints in the studio area at the nest.

DIY repurposing at home ~ green pallet furtniture decor

Stacked wooden crates and an old piece of glass as a coffee table on the patio.

DIY repurposing at home ~ green pallet furniture decor

A twig, air plant and string of mini lanterns used for lighting on the patio.

DIY repurposing at home ~ green pallet furtniture decor

During winter I had an organic vegetable garden planted above ground in recycled pallets.

DIY repurposing at home ~ green decor

Overview of the living room includes a few repurposed and found items: pallet sofa; repurposed shipping crate for the coffee table; wood crates for a side table; branches as curtain rods; bamboo to hang the textile (a sunprint I made with some of my favorite nature items); and a painted log as a side table.

DIY repurposing at home ~ green pallet furtniture decor

Close-up of the log I found on an abandoned construction site; I brightened it up with a splash of paint (ombre style).

It’s been one fun decorating project after another! And an added perk – it’s kept these items out of our landfills.

Special thanks to my friends, neighbors and family – who have supported my knack for “borrowing.” My parents were visiting last week and dad and I did a number on “bulk trash night” in the ‘hood. Can’t wait to find places and purposes for the newest acquisitions!

Here’s the full gallery of images:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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7 thoughts on “repurposing pallets (and other found objects) at the Peace Nest

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  2. I am so excited to have found your blog. You have some wonderful ideas and a great eye.

  3. This is fantastic! Seriously bunny, this takes talent. I’m so proud of you 🙂

  4. Marisol Gaffney on said:

    You are awesome Meredith! Congrats on ur new pad.

  5. I freaking love you and your creativity! It’s brilliant, just like you, with so much style and peacefulness about it all. Please come decorate my home!!!! #peacenest

    love you dearly, my darling xx

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