Sustainable eating {LIFE & GARDENING}

There’s plenty I do in life that isn’t sustainable. But when people like local architect Michael Madfis make it easy for me to pick up weekly batches of produce grown in his urban garden, I pounce. Five blocks and one bridge away from my office building is a sanctuary of new growth:


Bringing my goods back to work, I unintentionally fostered my already thriving bag-lady reputation:
YSL, CSA, bags

After work on Friday I was pleasantly surprised when dinner in Miami was canceled, allowing me to have a hot date with my veggies.


Washing my prized purchases, I started with the spinach and assessed the inventory.

taste_kale  I had some kale.

taste_tomatoes  and some tomatoes.

a few bundles of herbs:

taste_parsely  flat-leaf parsley.

taste_oregano  oregano.

taste_rosemary  and rosemary.

taste_peppers  these peppers were from last week’s order, but they were still fresh.

We also ordered bok choy and lettuce. Making for a cozy drawer in the fridge:


The entire load cost $27.

Now, what did I make for dinner? Well, you’ll see in my next post.

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2 thoughts on “Sustainable eating {LIFE & GARDENING}

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  2. I need to find a sustainable garden nearby. This sounds amazing!

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